A STARTist is a student artist who consigns his/her work to the START Gallery for a specific period of time (six months) during which the work may be exhibited and possibly sold (if the work is listed for sale).


STARTists must be current Wake Forest University undergraduate students.


Consigned works will remain with the gallery for the period of six months, and will be exhibited according the gallery’s schedule and policies.

The gallery will make a reasonable effort to exhibit and promote the work during the period of consignment.

If the work is purchased the artist will receive payment (50% of purchase price, in accordance with standard gallery practice) from Wake Forest University (sales taxes apply in addition to the sales price).

At the end of the period that this agreement is in effect, the disposition of the remaining work is the artist’s responsibility (START Gallery cannot ship work).


Being exhibited as a STARTist looks great on a resumé. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn more about the artist-gallery relationship and gain tangible experience with the process of exhibiting and selling your artwork.

To Become a STARTist

You need to deliver the piece(s) you wish to consign to either the START Gallery or the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Gallery located in Scales Fine Arts Center (on the campus of Wake Forest University). You will be asked to fill out a gallery representation form for each consigned piece.