START Gallery offers two federal work-study positions per academic year. The work-study serves as a START Gallery employee and reports directly to the gallery manager.


To be a START Gallery work-study you must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate student at Wake Forest University and qualify to receive federal work-study funds. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides job opportunities for students who demonstrate financial need. FWS eligibility is determined by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and is awarded as part of the student’s financial aid package. Earnings are paid directly to the student each month as work is performed.


The START Gallery work-study’s duties primarily include assistance with clerical gallery procedures and events. One of the primary roles of the work-study is to help staff the START Gallery and maintain the daily operations of the gallery. This includes engaging with visitors to the gallery, facilitating art sales, cleaning, and minor/routine maintenance. The work-study may also be involved in maintaining inventory records and management systems, updating and producing content for social media, and installing exhibitions. The work-study will be expected to staff the gallery for approximately 10 hours per week, including 4 hours on Saturdays.


As a START Gallery work-study, you will play a role in effecting tangible change in gallery practices and programming. You will have the opportunity to learn gallery management skills that, otherwise, would be difficult to acquire, including a knowledge of practices and procedures to prepare exhibits for shipping, receiving, storage, preservation, installation and disassembly.

Earnings are paid directly to the student each month as work is performed.

To Become a START Gallery Work-Study

You should complete the Job Preference Form enclosed with your work-study award notification and return it to the Student Employment Coordinator at the Office of Student Financial Aid. Job assignments and additional information are mailed in late July. You may also e-mail your job preferences or any questions concerning Federal Work-Study to Lisa Myers, Student Employment Coordinator, at

For more information about need-based federal work-study employment at Wake Forest University, please visit