Filtered through Nature

Painting 212/213


Filtered through Nature features work from the students of professor Page Laughlin’s Painting 212/213 class. The overarching theme of the class focused on “nature” and the different ways in which students were able to interpret nature in their paintings. Ideas about and forms from the natural world were used as lenses for students to think about their different painting projects, giving them leeway to interpret nature from their own perspective. Students used methods such as the integration of digital approaches in combination with traditional painting techniques. Paintings in the class range from classical still lifes to abstractions to more representational works. The students exhibited include: Julia Appleby, Pauline Arroyo, Kristi Chan, Sean Crim, Julia DeNuzzio, Diane Eapen, Kelly McAdam, Isabelle Pierce, Georgia Sullivan, Lisa Sun, and Julia Zhang.


Tuesday, January 20, 5:00-6:30 PM

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