STARTyourself affords students the exciting opportunity to submit a proposal to curate an exhibition at START Gallery or organize a solo exhibition of their own artwork in the gallery space.

To be considered for STARTyourself you must currently be enrolled at Wake Forest University. Students of all grade levels are considered, but preference is given to undergraduate students of junior or senior status.

STARTyourself students must be self-motivated and highly engaged throughout the process. Exhibitions are formidable projects that require dedication and commitment, whether a student curator is involved or not. Responsibilities include submitting a statement of intent and formal proposal, identifying a faculty mentor, and working with the START Gallery manager to produce the exhibition.

Involvement in STARTyourself affords students the unique opportunity to propose, prepare, and present a visual arts exhibition from as a studio artist and/or curator. Through this process, students learn what goes into making an exhibition in a professional setting from beginning to end. STARTyourself is unique element of Wake Forest University‚Äôs Art program.

Students interested in STARTyourself should read the STARTyourself Guidelines and begin the proposal process by notifying START with an initial statement of intent, expressed in a few sentences. This statement should indicate what the project would be, who would be involved (curators, artists) and which works (generally) might be shown. This statement, as well as any available images of the work, should be emailed directly to START Gallery at