Making Sense: Creative Pedagogies in the FYS Program


Making Sense: Creative Pedagogies in the FYS Program is a departure from START’s typical class exhibition approach. Pulling together visual, material, and digital projects from first-year seminar courses taught in 4 departments, this exhibition brings forward innovative approaches in image- and object-based learning. Instigated to create diverse collage works in Lynn Book’s Border Crossings: Creativity in the Mix and the Margins and Leigh Ann Hallberg’s Discovering the Avant-Garde, students crafted communicative images by recombining fragmented extant ones. In a partnership with the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, students in Pat Lord’s Outbreak: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You considered patterns in viral infection and global health awareness by engaging with Smithsonian infographic panels and developing their own. In Ulrike Wiethaus’s Vocation of a Healer, students worked with Brianna Derr, Manager of Advanced Learning Projects in Information Systems, to develop interactive digital presentations addressing questions of campus sustainability. Together these undertakings reflect the potency of creative scholarship available to students at Wake Forest and embody the unique possibilities for learning outcomes in the first-year seminar program.


Tuesday, January 22 5-7PM

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