Faculty Opportunities

Wake Forest faculty are instrumental in ensuring quality programming throughout the year by encouraging students to produce work that can be mounted as class exhibitions, utilizing the gallery space for class lectures and critiques, and providing mentorship support.


Course Exhibitions

Course exhibitions function as a critical component of  the stArt exhibition rotation. These exhibitions feature art (or other visual work) produced by students in the context of one or more specific sections taught in Wake Forest College. Course exhibitions typically occur two or three times each academic year, though the rotation is not fixed; summer scheduling is rare but is also an option. Course exhibitions need not be limited to work produced in a single section or under the supervision of a single professor, though this is the convention; many successful course exhibitions have simultaneously showcased the work of students in several sections under a single professor or student work from multiple classes taught concurrently by multiple faculty members. stArt prioritizes student-initiated projects in exhibition selection, but there are open slots each semester for course exhibitions. Faculty status, departmental affiliation, and past history of collaboration with stArt are not weighted in selection, though they are considered alongside other curatorial and administrative priorities. All proposed course exhibitions will be considered for installation at stArt in Reynolda Village as well as stArt.dt. For both spaces, the selection process prioritizes the fit of the proposed exhibition within the curatorial vision set for the semester and the guiding principles of each program location. 

Scheduling of exhibitions occurs at least one semester in advance. Faculty interested in course exhibitions should submit a one-paragraph Statement of Intent to startgal@wfu.edu to discuss possibilities and schedule a visit with the stArt Manager to view students’ work in progress. Submissions for any exhibition at either stArt venue are accepted on a rolling basis, but be aware that decisions on proposals are made before Thanksgiving break for spring proposals or before April 15 for fall proposals.  The stArt Advisory Committee reviews all proposals and democratically determines the exhibition calendar in the final weeks of each semester. The stArt Manager notifies all prospective candidates of the Committee’s determinations by no later than the first day of classes. Decisions rendered by the Committee are final.

Lectures, Critiques, + Events

The stArt Gallery provides the perfect venue for off-site lectures (open to all departments), studio art critiques, and other campus events. Professors have utilized the gallery for critiques, first-year-seminar sessions, and lecture presentations; others have come to stArt for group interviews, team-building events, and retreats. We can accommodate groups of up to 25. stArt welcomes the opportunity to host your class and provide a suitable space for your educational needs.

If you are interested in using stArt for as an instructional or event please either submit a reservation request online or email us at startgallery@wfu.edu.

stArt  encourages student applicants to the stArtyourself program to seek a faculty mentor who can help them form their ideas and approach. The time commitment required to mentor a stArtyourself student varies depending on the needs of the student and the availability of the instructor. Successful mentors have, in the past, met with students on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. We specifically encourage Art Department faculty to take part in this unique opportunity.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor for a stArtyourself student please email us at startgallery@wfu.edu.