Frame of Reference is a joint exhibition comprising drawings and sculptures by Robert Link and an installation by Caroline LeDuc (entitled We Attend to Each Other). LeDuc’s site-specific sculptural environment uses scale and material to draw attention to the dual processes of clarification and concealment carried out by the human psyche. Link’s works explore another duality: that of science in art and as art.


Caroline LeDuc is a third-year Dingledine Scholar for Visual Art at Wake Forest University, majoring in both Studio Art and Physics. LeDuc is increasingly interested in exploring the psychological through a focus on the visceral. Although the work has a personal specificity for her, her intention is to evoke an open-ended, emotional response for each viewer. In We Attend to Each Other, her installation for Frame of Reference, she seeks to elicit these emotional responses and, through them, provoke self-reflection and exploration. LeDuc is also an actor and has worked in numerous Wake Forest theatre productions, including Alice in Closer and working as co-set designer for A Bright Room Called Day. LeDuc is primarily trained in drawing and painting, but she is interested in crossing disciplinary and media boundaries to unite performance with the art object.

Robert Link is also a junior at Wake Forest, pursuing a B.S. in Physics with a double-major in Studio Art. He is a Presidential Scholar for achievement in the Visual Arts, a teaching assistant for the Physics Department, and the current president of the WFU Fencing Club. He is most experienced in working with charcoal and pastel on large-scale portrait drawings which incorporate realism but are not realistic in an orthodox sense. He typically uses a subtractive technique in which highlights may be subtracted and darks added to a toned surface. For Frame of Reference, Link explores the fusion of artistic endeavors with the products of science, with some works incorporating mathematics directly into drawings and others showcasing mathematics and physics at work. His influences span many Neoclassical and Romantic painters and the Symbolists, as well as contemporary artists. Robert strives in his art to strike balance between the subjective nature of experience and a love of the objective world.

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