Les Femmes


Painting 213:

Caroline Wisse, Isabelle Pierce, Kristi Chan, & Rachel Roth

March 31 – april 17

Les Femmes  features work by four senior female artists- Caroline Wisse, Isabelle Pierce, Kristi Chan, & Rachel Roth- from Painting 213 (Prof. Page Laughlin). Each artists explored different subject matter for their painting series, looking at themes that they felt were important to them as artists.

Caroline Wisse’s painting series is made up of two large paintings and six smaller ones. She chose to focus on the theme of memory, reflecting on her past four years at Wake Forest.

Kristi Chan’s  painting series entitled, Masquerade, uses the theme of masks to examine the conflict between people’s internal vs external worlds.

Rachel Roth‘s works look at understanding the female form from an historical perspective, while trying to re-imagine how the female body acts in space.

Isabelle Pierce’s  painting series looks at people’s interpretations and interactions with their surrounding landscapes. She abstracts familiar landscapes by adding her own distinct color palette, imposing her own lens onto the landscape.

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