From September 14, 2020

stArt gallery

stArtStream is a presentation of selected works of video art from the John P. Anderson Student Art Collection in an online exhibition format. These works are centered around the artists’ explorations of identity – narratives of self-discovery, ambiguous responses to conflicts both internal and external, seeking – perhaps realizing – acceptance. As these artists grapple with newly unsettled realities, so do we as we experience art in ways both different and routine to our habitual patterns of media consumption. Through this exhibition, stArt gallery is offering the opportunity to engage with student artwork outside the physical gallery space in an increasingly familiar virtual space, but through the experience of these personal, pointed works.

stArt gallery’s in-person programming has temporarily moved to Hanes Gallery’s mezzanine, and will resume there with an exhibition in October. Please note that due to WFU COVID policies, only WFU students, faculty and staff will be able to access the campus and Hanes Gallery in the fall.

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