February 28 – March 25

stArt.dt (Wake Downtown)

Life Drawings by Catherine Knipp (’22)


“My work exceeds the boundaries of gender and sexuality by paradoxically using linework to indicate specific bodies and their physical, visible boundaries. “


“With inspiration drawn from Matisse and Honey Forestier, most of the pieces utilize the timeless method of contour to explore the simplicities and complexities of the human figure, both physically and symbolically. To promote intimacy within the space of the exhibition, the process to make each piece is exposed to the viewer. “


“Nudity lies at many intersections between gender and sexuality: it often defines how society perceives us and how we perceive ourselves. Allowing another to see ourselves fully exposed is one of the most intimate actions that people can share. Our physical self does not always reflect our self identity, but it does represent a critical aspect of who we are as individuals. We must complicate the normative perpetuation that nudity is synonymous for sexual promiscuity, use our bodies as a means to celebrate what makes us unique, and unlearn the idea that our physical features determine our worthiness of love and respect. The pieces capture the body presented through a nonjudgmental observational lens, paying attention only to the physical form without applying moral scrutiny.”


“As nudity is used as a symbol of beauty and individualism, the line between demonized promiscuity and true intimacy becomes blurred. The authentic self is found when we strip ourselves of the limitations placed upon us by our patriarchal society. The pieces expose the process behind each drawing while exposing the human form to encourage us to look beyond our bodies and appreciate the unique pasts and experiences of ourselves and others.”

Current WFU COVID-19 guidelines apply for gallery and event admittance.

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