“Sympathetic reverberation,” or a continuation of successive effects, in kind, from a stimulus, is what this exhibition hangs on. The proliferation of creative forces—whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual, produce an irrepressible succession of instinctive responses, and therefore, through the media of “Relief” and “Intaglio” and their myriad techniques, the effects are born.  Ultimately, from the Arts and Sciences, whenever we see an effect, that effect must have a cause equal to, or greater than, itself.” – David Faber, 2018

Sympathetic Reverberation is an exhibition of works by student artists working at several skill levels in David Faber’s Spring 2018 printmaking courses. Some of the prints have also enjoyed showings at Charlotte and Philip Hanes Gallery’s Student Art Exhibition in 2018 and group exhibitions at START.

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