“The Storm”: Public Art at Wake Forest University, 2021

October 4 – October 15, 2021

stArt.rv (Reynolda Village)

Sculpture & Installation by the Students of Prof. David Finn’s Public Art course.


“The Storm” is coming.

“Now if you listen closely

I’ll tell you what I know

Storm clouds are gathering

The wind is gonna blow

The race of man is suffering

And I can hear the moan,

‘Cause nobody,

But nobody

Can make it out here alone.”

— Maya Angelou, Alone, Stanza 4


Students of the Wake Forest University Public Art course present “The Storm”: Public Art at Wake Forest University 2021—a collection of developing artworks for the public sphere, reflective of both shared and personal experiences. Inspired by the writing of Maya Angelou, “The Storm” examines the process of instigating a call to action through art: calling on communities and individuals to come together for betterment and positive change because “nobody can make it out here alone.” 


Featuring the work of Sammy Clark, M.C. Goff, Iris Liu, Emma Martin, Kaitlyn Parks, Ramona Suris, and Maya Whitaker, these seven student artists aim to inspire viewers and participants to contemplate their engagement with art, togetherness, and the world as it exists in 2021. These works seek to spark not only conversation, but also tangible change with a lasting impact. As they develop their art with a variety of media, scale, and subject matter, the artists situate themselves and their work in the greater historical context of Public Art at Wake Forest University— the intention for the future impact of their work is to complement the preceding WFU Public Art works which inspired them. 


“The Storm”: Public Art at Wake Forest University 2021 will be on view at the stArt Gallery in Reynolda Village from October 4 – October 15, 2021. We invite you to enter the space and “listen closely” to the storm of change, critique, and reflection called for by these artists and their work.


Per the WFU guidelines, face coverings must be worn by all visitors to the stArt gallery while indoors, regardless of vaccination status– effective August 16, 2021. 

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