Two, and a third is an exhibition of paintings and drawings presented by Anna Pugh (’18) for Honors in Studio Art. This exhibition is comprised of two sets of paintings reflected through a third series of works in charcoal. The two bodies of paintings, one of watercolors and one of oils, feature figures in varying degrees of clarity and concealment. The guiding concept for these distinct groupings merged for Pugh in the process of making them, and the series of charcoal drawings explores  the formal and thematic overlaps between them. 

Anna Pugh is in her fourth year at Wake Forest. A candidate for Honors in the Studio Art major with minors in Biology and Art History, Pugh works in a variety of media, but concentrates in painting. Her work has shown in past START exhibitions, with her most recent solo exhibition, Crevice, in Fall 2017.  Pugh has also shown in the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery at Wake Forest in its annual student exhibition.  Pugh attends Wake Forest as a Mullen-Carswell, Eleanor Layfield Davis, and Reifler Family Scholar.

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