STARTyourself Spring 2017 Exhibition

MARCH 15 – APRIL 8, 2017

STARTyourself affords students the exciting opportunity to submit a proposal to curate an exhibition at START Gallery or organize a solo exhibition of their own artwork in the gallery space.

This semester, we have the distinct privilege of offering 2 separate shows by 3 different artists all in the same gallery space.  On one side of the gallery, we have Mallory Burns’ thoughtfully curated show  featuring “an exploration of historical photographs through ekphrastic poetry.”  While the photographs are not Mallory’s own the poems speak to her artistry through creative writing.  The other half of the gallery is a collaborative show by two drawing students, Anna Pasekova and Yan Cheng.  Their show meditates on the body and the way in which their figures relate to how their unique experiences.

We hope you will join us at START Gallery to view and celebrate the work of these three amazing student artists and their accomplishments.


Wednesday, March 22 5-7 PM

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